Best Hiking Shoes 2017 – Hobbyist Guide And Reviews

There are reasons why hiking shoes have more advantages over boots. First of all, shoes are lighter and feel more comfortable than full boots, in most cases, wearing boots lead to fast tiredness. Next, shoesare preferred in hot weather. It covers less of your foot area, thereby let them breathe. Moreover, there are such models of shoes that contain mesh insets to wear them during the hottest days.

I won’t go any further explaining the difference between hiking shoes and hiking boots because it will be discussed in another article. But these two have the same purpose in protecting our feet and giving comfort at the same time. From here, you can jump into the comparison table or check our short infographic.

Hiking Shoes Infographic

​There's a lot of things to consider when buying your hiking shoes. However, here's the six simple factors to consider.

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best hiking shoes infographic

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Top 5 Hiking Shoes For Men

1. Salomon Men's Quest 4D 2 GTX Hiking Boot

Weight: 560 grams (19.8 oz)

Waterproof: Yes (GORE-TEX), up to 2” deep.

Pros: High-quality shoes, fits perfect, very comfortable even in longer hikes.

Cons: Soles may get off from the shoe after some time. Consider buying an extra sole.

As the name suggests this is a backpacking boot in Solomon’s line and it is going to be great for someone who is looking for the stability and the protection of a backpacking boot, someone who is going to be on rugged terrain, carrying a heavy pack, but also someone who is looking to go pretty lightweight.They don’t want a shoe that is going to be cumbersome or weigh them down. And with Solomon’s really smart design of this boot it is definitely not going to weigh you down.

You have a textile and new back leather upper in the upper part. So this fabric is going to keep the weight of the boot down, but these overlays with new back leather is going to add a lot of durability to the shoe. It is GTX construction so you have complete waterproof protection and it has a gusseted tongue. So that comes up most of the way up to the top of the boot. So you can be confident.

2. Merrell Men's Pulsate Hiking Shoe

Weight: 879 grams (1lb. 15oz.)

Waterproof: No

Pros: Light shoe, worth for the price, and well-built shoe.

Cons: Some Merrell shoes are half inch shorter so consider ordering an length.

Merrell select Dry membrane protects against puddles streams and wet terrain keeping your feet dry until you get to the other side of the trail.

Merrell select grip outsoles have five-millimeter lugs to dig into unknown territory without losing traction.

The abrasion resistant toe bumper offers extra strength knocking through the woods. Light, flexible leather uppers mean thepulsates don't feel like your traditional waterproof boot.

Totally breathable and moisture-wicking for hot days on the trail, brilliant real tree extra green for early-season woods blends in just about anywhere.

On the inside, Merrell select fresh air cushion and compression molded EVA foot frame offer both shock-absorbing relief and extra support for high activity built by Merrell camouflaged by real tree made just for us.

3. Hoka One One Men's Tor Ultra Hi Waterproof Hiking Shoe

Weight: N/A

Waterproof: Yes

Pros: Lightweight and feet don’t sweat while wearing it.

Cons: There are reviews that after some usage, the waterproof technology is wearing off.

A unique blend of running shoe cushion and hiking boot upper create a genuinely innovative offering, the Hoka One One Tor High Waterproof offers a smooth ride with tons of cushion and a durable upper material that will take you long and far on the trail.

Construction is taking a look at the upper of this boot itgot a few different types of materials that give it a lot of durabilities. It got leather on the sides of the boots a nice abrasion-resistant leather there and also abrasion-resistant textile materials for an excellent blend of durability and comfort.

In the kind of ankle portion of the boot, we do have a slightly more stretchy material, and that's designed to kind of hold tight around the ankle and prevent any loose rocks or dirt from getting into the shoe. So that's a great option for offering there to keep you from having to take the shoe off and dump it out.

4. Merrell Men's Moab Ventilator Hiking Shoe

Weight: 1.0025 lb.

Waterproof: No

Pros: Tons of cushion and padding, supreme comfortability.

Cons: The shoe may be comfortable, but the durability is a question.

This is Merrell Moab Ventilator Shoes; this shoe is great to choose for airsoft they're not meant for combat or stuff like that but thegreater hiking and other outdoor activity.

It is made for to be on to raid that's pretty rocky and pretty much terrain.Relatively cheap for one of these shoes or boots how do you want toseehim so yeah there's others on the market for a lot more money so these are relatively cheap and the sizing on these are true besides these are the ones that

Obviously by the name ventilators eventually which means these are not waterproof boots if you want something that's waterproof you ought to look at some other boots or shoes that Merrell has to offer because they do.

There's a mesh pretty much all around the boot which isreally good because when people hike during a dry season, it'skind of hot outside, so we don't want our feet to be all hot and sweaty.

5. Columbia Men's Grand Canyon Trail Shoe

Weight: 1.0025 lb.

Waterproof: No

Pros: Accurate sizes, comfortable and durable (some shoes from similar brand lasts more than a decade)

Cons: Moderate arch support.

The Grand Canyon from Columbia hiking shoes are sturdy of a combination suede and mesh upper with rubber overlays to give you incredible durability out there on the trail.

You have enough padding around the inside collar here with nice wide open designs that we put in and out this shoe with these have a tech Lightfoot bed down there it's very soft and lightweight to the underfoot cushioning and a tech night midsole.

For the same reason is going to be amazing energy returns your feet won't get tired when you're out there hiking. On the bottom we have an Omni-grip a non-marking rubber outsole it's sturdy and incredibly flexible.

Top 5 Hiking Shoes For Women

1. Oboz Women's Sawtooth Low Hiking Shoe

Weight: 13.8 oz.

Waterproof: No

Pros: So comfortable that some people are using it as a slipper.

Cons: Nomedial support for flat-footed hikers

Oboz Women’s Sawtooth Low Trail Shoe is a great shoe for hikers who want all the support, cushioning and tracking for challenging terrain, but also want a very breathable and low cut shoe.

We will take a look at all the features and what makes this Oboz shoe sospecial. The materials in the upper are both durable and very breathable.

This is not a waterproof shoe. So you have got some synthetic materials here that give you a lot of breathability over top of your foot. So as you are moving, as you are hiking in warmer weather, itisgoingto allow your foot to breathe. If the shoe becomeswet it is going to dry outreally quickly because of all of that mesh. But Oboz wasreally smart about the design here where they have put very durable Nubuck leather in places where the shoe might wear out faster. So you have got a mixture of materials there. In the back of the shoe, this heel counter is very durable. And as you wear the shoes and break them in, this durable heel counter is not going to wear out.

2. KEEN Women's Targhee II Mid WP Hiking Boot

Weight: 14.69 oz.

Waterproof: Yes

Pros: Feel comfortable even wearing for longer hours straight.

Cons: Minimum arch support.

The Keen Women's target to mid hiking boot is a great mid-weight boot that will not only improve your traction on whatever surface you prefer to hike on it'll keep your feet comfortable all day.

A waterproof and breathable even lining keeps you fresh and dry even through the most demanding adventures. With removable metal Tomiko footbed, provides excellent foot support along with the heel. That's a fancy way to let you know that the shoe prevents twisting of the ankle and with the Keens patented toe bumper, you're looking for total foot protection.

The keen women's target to mid hiking boot is a versatile, lightweight hiking boot that works well for a long day's hike, but it's comfortable enough to wear around town traveling or to the park you look and feel great every time you put them on.

3. Merrell Women's Moab Ventilator Mid Hiking Boot

Weight: 2 lb.

Waterproof: Yes

Pros: Comfortable right out of the box even without breaking in.

Cons: Rigid arch support.

Merrell Women's Moab Ventilator looks very similar to the men's version, and again these are waterproof, and it's a nice looking shoe, very sturdy construction, and everything feels rigid.

The plastic itself is hard at the rubber plastic; it has a cap toe so if you are looking to hiking where you want your full capital protected, this may not be the boot for you.

It's pretty firm in the toe section, and it feels nice when you look at it. Inside the boot, drips looks beautiful with vibrantbo drops very well. Io has enough traction for you to be able to walk with any weather.

4. KEEN Women's Whisper Sandal

Weight: 3 lb.

Waterproof: Yes

Pros: Convenient to use anywhere. Whether it is hiking or travel outside the country.

Cons: Can’t find in local store (only in Amazon)

The women's Keen Whisper Sandals is a nice and lightweight water-resistant footbed sandal. Yes, all of the fabric of the shoe is water resistant meaning it won't soak.

The structure on the front section they're following with a nice toe box on the front that's gonna give you protection. The bungee strip links in nicely with the actual design and the stretch to fit. The bungee is also easy to undo, just stretch it in a way that is comfortable with you.

On the back, it has another protection that hold everything together and keeping it in one place. The footbed is covered with antibacterial properties while the sole have great depth and variance so whether you're going to hike or just a casual walking will do it.

5. Salomon Women's X Ultra Mid 2 GTX Hiking Shoe

Weight: 3 lb.

Waterproof: Yes

Pros: Can walk through all terrain without any problem, whether it is snowing or casual hike with muds.

Cons: There are some instances of rubbed pinky toe.

The Salomon Women's X Ultra is excellent you if you're looking for something that's waterproof without the big top of a hiker.

This shoe does that kind of gives you a happy medium, you have a traditional lace you've got the Solomon sense you think construction so you know it's gonna fit really well and then you have a contragrip outsole.

What that means is that you have a tread pattern with the rubber construction that's going to be nice and durable and trek you on services you can hold traction when you're going up and down.

It also has gore-tex that will keep your feet dry and warm and it's been over the ankle so you've got a lot of stability, one of lighter weight shoes in Salomon family and it'll be great for hiker who is looking for something that goes over the ankle.

Hiking Shoes Comparison Table






Salomon Men's Quest 4D 2 GTX Hiking Boot

Men's Shoes

1.2375 lb

Yes (Gore Tex)


Merrell Men's Pulsate Hiking Shoe

Men's Shoes

1.15 lb


Nubuck and Suede leather

Hoka One One Men's Tor Ultra Hi Waterproof Hiking Shoe

Men's Shoes




Merrell Men's Moab Ventilator Hiking Shoe

Men's Shoes

3 lb.


Synthetic leather

Columbia Men's Grand Canyon Trail Shoe

Men's Shoes

1.0025 lb.


Suede leather/mesh

Oboz Women's Sawtooth Low Hiking Shoe

Women's Shoes

0.8625 lb.


Leather and textile

KEEN Women's Targhee II Mid WP Hiking Boot

Women's Shoes

0.9181 lb.



Merrell Women's Moab Ventilator Mid Hiking Boot

Women's Shoes

2 lb.


Leather and fabric

KEEN Women's Whisper Sandal

Women's Shoes

0.9181 lb.



Merrell Women's Moab Ventilator Hiking Shoe

Women's Shoes



Leather and fabric

Hiking Shoes Buyer's Guide

8 Awesome Camping Boots Tips To Remember

  • It is recommended to keep boots in cool, dark and dry place with good ventilation. A lot of people prefer to keep them in boxes, but it is much better to use a rag bag. Never keep trekking boots in humid room or, for example, in a car because they may get musty.
  • It's some kind of mistake when people say that "this sole slips, and that don't" but for all that they mean sliding on wet surface. Any sole slips on wet surface.
  • In order for membrane to work well, it must be changed properly as often as it is recommended. Cotton socks are not a right choice.
  • Buy a brand that is well known. Though it's expensive, you can be sure of the quality.
  • For hiking, get the boots a half-size or full size larger than your normal size, depending on your socks. Your feet will swell while walking. Basically, before first hiking the boots are to be worn in, city is possible. One day is enough, but better to do it for several days.​
  • The common rule for choosing trekking boots: take one extra size you're wearing.
  • You should have extra pair - you'll have what to put on during stopping and lasting halts. Usually it's light sandals.
  • Boots with membrane are worth buying when you plan use them in high humidity, wet conditions.

How To Find Hiking Shoes That Fits Properly

This guide will help you find the right fit (shoes) for your foot. Although this guide is more practical to apply when buying a shoe or a boot in a physical store, there's still points that can be used if you're trying to buy online. Here are three things that you need to focus when you're purchasing a hiking shoe.

  • comforatble
  • fitting
  • simulating

The third thing is you need to kick wooden post behind or wall three times in a row. What should happen is that your foot's going to slide up, slide up again, the third time you want your toes to hit the end of the boot. What you are doing there is simulating walking downhill.You want to make sure your boots aren't too short for you. Don't be afraid to do a test drive for your new pair of shoes.

How To Properly Lace Your Hiking Shoes

When you're lacing your boot it should be snug, and not over tight. Over tight boots will give you problems in the field, because during the day your feet tend to swell so if your boots are totally cranked down your feet have nowhere to expand to. So snug, but not over tight. If you feel like you have a little room in your toe box area there? Your toes aren't touching the end, that's great.

Tips On How To Break-in Your Shoes Fast

Then one thing that we'll do is once we determine what boot fits you the best, is by using a boot press. Boot press, what this does is it mechanically helps the boot to get broken in.

It will work the leather of that whole boot in and out, and it helps with the break in period.

How To Use Boot Press

Once we put the shoe on the boot press what we're going to do is kind of work the boot all the way around the boot press itself to start softening up the leather itself. During the 80's, the initial concept of boot press was actually to press out one specific area of the boot, so usually some people would have some problems with bunions or whatever and there was one particular place that they had pressure.​

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