Best Pocket Knife 2017 – Hobbyist Guide And Review

Finding The Best Pocket Knife

If you’re a pocket knife enthusiast or simply looking for a perfect knife to use for a certain purpose, this is the best site for you. The articles that you can find here are educational, helpful, and transparent which will help you decide on what you can get for your money.

A pocket knife is the undisputed ultimate tool for any camping trip or outdoor expedition, without one We as humans have been using them back as far as the Iron age 600-500 BC.

They are very versatile tools and are used from preparing food, cutting wood or rope and even used for self-defense against wild animals, They can also save your life in an event where you need to start a fire or go hunting.

Most of the information you can find here are from different pocket knife enthusiast from different forum, blog, and newbies as well. We do not sell any pocket knife here, but most of the items can be found in Amazon best sellers.

Before We Begin, Here’s A Quick History Of Pocket Knife

pocket knife history

Best Pocket Knife Brands 2017

Everyone want to know what’s hot or what’s “in” this year (well every new year to be exact) to help them decide what to buy, so here are some of the pocket knife best sellers.

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Benchmade Griptilian Knife


Benchmade Griptilian comes with a box and cute little pouch. The overall length of this knife is 8.07 inches or 20.4 centimeters; the blade length is 3.54 inches or 8.7 cm, the cutting edge length is 3.34 inches or 8.5 cm. The weight is 3.82 oz or 110 grams.

The handle scale as said in Benchmade website is FRN fiberglass reinforced nylon, and it’s very grippy. Hence the name Gritilian came from.

The actual grip type that they use on the scales is very efficient and grippy. However, the scales themselves do feel light and cheap.

That may not be the case because it is a bit expensive knife. Of course, it’s probably not cheap plastic material, but it is how it feels.

Remember, do not let that ‘feel’ put you off in getting this folding knife because it is very capable and does the job right.

The pocket clip is slightly raised above the handle, and one of the reason is the knife is so grippy and designed, so the clip does not rip your pocket when you put it in and out. The clip is reversible which is good if you like carrying and the thumb studs are ambidextrous, which is cool for left-handed people.

The lock is cool with axis mechanism, essentially two little studs that hold a bar in place that if you pull down, the blade comes up and it locks the blade in place.

The lock is very durable and effective lock mechanism, and it also means you can pull it down and flip it out quite quickly. Alternatively, you can open it with caution (slower) using the thumb studs.

The blade steel is a 154 cm Rockwell hardness of 5861 HRC, and it’s a modified drop point. The blade itself is good and pretty hard which is quite nice to sharpen. Designed by Mel Pardue with US patent number as well.


Benchmade is a well-known folding knife manufacturer today, and the Griptilian knife is one of the best. Some of the key features of Griptilian knife are the locking mechanism with ambidextrous thumb-stud opener, steel liner handles, and reversible steel pocket clip.

The locking mechanism powered by Axis which gives the knife more sturdy, durable, and flickable. The ambidextrous thumb-stud opener is what make this pocket knife “flickable” which is a good thing for lefties.


  • Grippy and efficient handle
  • Reversible clip
  • ​Ambidextrous
  • The lock is very durable and effective lock mechanism


  • The handle feels cheap
  • You can’t carry the knife in UK

Benchmade Mini Griptilian Knife

benchmade mini

The overall length is 6.78 inches with the blade length being 2.91 inches; it has 154 cm steel which, most of Benchmade knives are made of. It is noticeable that the Griptilian Mini has a black blade finish.

Like its big brother, the grip has FRN fiberglass reinforced nylon, which again is very grippy and comfortable. This thing grips into your hande well, it’s got stainless steel liners, and it has an axis lock which is what Benchmade uses on a lot of their knives making them more an ambidextrous for left and right-handed people.

Blade seats very nicely, there’s no play at all while the blade is hidden. It also has a bulletproof lock.

The axis lock works by sliding over a groove in the blade, whereas it opens it slides over and locks it into place.

The Benchmade logo is still on it as well as the designer Mel Pardue with US patent printed on the blade.

The ridges at the back, bottom and behind the thumb stud which gives you more grip on the blade. The blade has ambidextrous thumb stud, and you can also put the pocket clip on the left or right side.


Like the regular Griptilian knife, this mini version has Axis locking mechanism and ambidextrous thumb-stud.

This knife is perfect for almost everything like hiking, biking, canyoneering, climbing, etc. The Mini Griptilian knife has a perfect size to carry everywhere and can do every job you give to it.

It is extremely sharp and can hold an edge for a long time, the action is very precise, and most of all it feels good in the hand.


  • Grippy and efficient handle.
  • Can cut through any material without any problem.
  • Ambidextrous
  • The lock is very durable and effective lock mechanism.


  • Like its big brother, you can’t carry the knife in UK.
  • The black finish of the blade get pretty scratched up over time.

Kershaw Tanto Serrated Blur Knife with SpeedSafe

Kershaw Tanto Serrated Blur Knife with SpeedSafe

Kershaw knife was made in the USA which a lot of people, including me find it nice to see. Inside the box, you can get a manual which tells you how to use the knife (if you haven’t had one before), basic lock, how to use it with the SpeedSafe, and gives you some handling instructions.

This knife looks like a Benchmade, but this was about half the price.

The handle has a sandpaper feel, which I think won’t rub into user’s pocket too much but it specifically made to help the user to grip it when cutting hard objects like branches, woods, etc.

(Don’t worry the grip doesn’t hurt when touched)

Opening the blade using the thumb studs will shock most people because it is fast (that’s why it is called blur) especially if they’re not into fast drawing knives.

This knife is not a switchblade but it’s definitely SpeedSafe optimised. The difference between this knife to other Kershaw blur knives are, this is the tactical version, again with a pointed blade on the front and you have the serrations down the blade.

The size of the knife is about three and a quarter inch blade, nothing crazy, the main purpose is to open up boxes, cutting off branches, and if you’re camping, you can use to cut your food especially the serrations will be very helpful.

The grip really feels good because of the sandpaper feeling when you’re touching it.


Kershaw is known for reputation for excellent customer service; this folding knife is perfect for outdoor activities because of its partially serrated blade. The blade made of premium 13C26 stainless steel which is excellent for strength and corrosion resistance. SpeedSafe technology powers this knife for smooth opening and one-handed opening.

The blade is shaving sharp from the factory which is perfect for cutting and slicing, such as skinning mastodons and so on. The chisel-like tanto point is ideal for thrusting through beef ribs or car hoods. When folded, this knife fits even in small hands and feels like a disposable lighter.

Best home application for this knife is cutting up cardboard boxes, linoleum flooring, or metal garbage cans.


  • The handle has a lot of friction, which gives a very good grip.
  • It can be used in camping and hunting.
  • Very simple.
  • Fast drawing blade because of SpeedSafe.
  • Half the price of Benchmade knives.


  • Some people might get surprised when opening the knife.

SOG Flash II

SOG Flash II
SOG Flash II has a 3.5-inch AUS-8 blade which is easy to sharpen, stainless steel, and tanto-shape. Its handle is made of glass-reinforced nylon with a black finish together with SOG assisted technology, which provides one hand opening. The safety is also good because it has safety lock system so that it won’t open accidentally.

SOG Flash II have 202 customer review with an average of 4.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon. This knife may not have enough texture for holding for some; it’s still worth a buy.

Gerber StrongArm Fixed Blade Knife

Gerber StrongArm Fixed Blade Knife

Gerber StrongArm is a fantastic fix played with an amazing price. You can get this knife in a serrated edge or a plain edge.

This knife is an excellent crossover knife between urban survival and wilderness survival. It’s got a glass breaker panel on the back where you can use to crush glass or concrete. You can also use it in the wilderness to break things like nuts or to further process down some tender.

The handle feels great, and it’s large enough. It also got very grippy and comfortable rubber finish handle. The diamond texture in the handle can be grippy no matter your hands is dry or wet.

The blade itself is 420 HC, 4.8-inch blade with a 9.8 inch overall to the knife. The weight is also good which is light enough to carry in camping or backpacking.

The sheath for the Gerber Strongarm is great as well. You can put the knife either way (left or right). The sheath has snap retention at the top to make sure the knife doesn’t fall.


Having a fixed blade in a folding knife is not a turn-off especially in this Gerber knife. Gerber is also known for making survival knives for US Military for a very long time. The StrongArm technology is known for having a very sturdy fixed blade. The blade made of 420HC serrated steel which is perfect in combat and survival situations.

The StrongArm technology is known for having a very sturdy fixed blade. The blade made of 420HC serrated steel which is perfect in combat and survival situations.

Gerber StrongArm Fixed Blade Knife has ceramic blade coating and diamond texture grip.


  • Very good retention in the sheath.
  • Very tough bottom which is great in breaking hard surfaces like glasses and chestnuts.
  • Durable.
  • The design is simple and you can choose if you serrated design if you prefer.


  • Not foldable.

How To Choose The Right Pocket Knife

Whether you’re a newbie or a veteran, it’s always hard to pick what is the best pocket knife. We have several standards in choosing the right knife like:

The Blade

The first thing to look for is the knife’s edge. It’s non-sense if the blade is dull (making it defective, not serving its purpose of cutting things). The blade should be razor-sharp and can cut almost everything.

We should also include the blade’s toughness; the blade should withstand the pressure applied when cutting something, the blade’s resistance from corrosion, the time needed to sharpen the knife’s blade.

The Handle

Aside from the knife’s edge, comes the handle. The handle should fit your hand and comfortable when using it. The knife shouldn’t slip when you’re using it to avoid

The knife shouldn’t move when you’re using it to prevent an accident and to attain maximum performance.

The Design

The handle and the blade are crucial when choosing the perfect folding knife. Let’s say you have the best blade and handle; the design come in.

The knife should have the latest technology for safety, control, and execution (how the blade was released). It is also notable to have a knife that fits perfectly in the pocket and small as possible.

The Price

The whole purpose of this site is to guide you on how to choose the perfect knife. You may have all the money in the world, but you need to decide what fits your preference. We all want the cheapest knife with maximum purpose. Remember, if it is cheap it doesn’t mean that it is worthless same goes if it is costly.

How To Maintain Your Pocket Knife

There’s a saying that “a dull knife is a dangerous knife,” yes it is dangerous because you need to exert more effort when using it. The knife may slip and cut your hand; then you’re prone to tetanus.

To avoid those things here are some tips on how you maintain your favorite knife:

Cleaning – We always took attention of the things we love. Cleaning is essential in keeping the knife because it will prolong the blade’s sharpness and prevent corrosion. The best way to clean the knife is using an old toothbrush, cleaning it with warm water and soap. After you brush your knife, be sure to rinse it well and dry.

Choosing Lubricant – Lubricant is necessary because most pocket knives made of moving parts, locks, springs, etc. You must know now that every moving part must be lubricated to prolong its life. If you don’t grease the knife, it will affect its locks and it won’t “flick” when you open it so be sure to do so. There are a lot of lubricant in the market so make sure to do a research on what works best.

Lubricating – So you already have that lubricant now the question is how to use it? Apply it to the areas where the moving parts are. Use enough volume: too much oil may feel greasy and may cause slip that may lead to an accident.

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