Dead in Bermuda Guide

General Advice

Don’t hoard items. / Keep your states low.
You are much less efficient at tasks when you have maladies so, for example, if you’re depressed, just eat that freaking candy box. The moment my characters could use the entirety of something, I used it. Don’t save things, since you’re handicapping yourself every turn its just sitting in your inventory. Also, the higher your maladies are, the faster they increase each night. Efficiency is everything in this game, so keep your states in check always.

Research and craft as quickly as possible.
The game difficulty changes dramatically at two points a) when you can fish and cook and b) when you can heal your injured (the last research thing). Hitting these points ASAP should be your main objective (along with keeping your people alive), and your game will go much smoother.

Avoid eating raw food.
For a while, you will HAVE to in order to live, but as soon as you are able to cook, you should try to ONLY eat cooked foods. Sickness is annoying. Once I gained the ability to cook, I stopped eating any raw fish or meat, cured everyone of all sickness and pretty much didn’t have to deal with that state for most of the game.

Research and Crafting

You don’t get a choice in what you research, it’s all linear, but in terms of what you should craft, you should mostly go in order. Two exceptions: the hunting bow and the drying rack. You can put these off a little. Why? Fishing is better than hunting (explained below) and drying your food is annoying because you can’t do as many as once, and it’s not that crucial.

Rocks and Rope
There’s no point in harvesting a) stone or b) rope after you’ve crafted everything. There’s no use for them.

Fishing vs. Hunting
You really only need to do one of these (if you have two people assigned to it), and it should definitely be fishing. Fishing results in NO fatigue gain and does not result in injury the way hunting does. Injuries are really annoying and will quickly kill your character, especially because finding cures for injuries are the hardest in the game.

Stat Allocation

The characters start off pretty well-balanced, thankfully, so for the most part you can just keep adding on to their given strengths. For high intelligence characters, you can probably give them a few extra skills. For low intelligence ones, you probably want to keep building on what they’re already good at. Here, I’ll mention a few important stats that you should give special consideration to.

Intelligence should be added towards the beginning levels. Most of my characters reached around level 9-11 by the time I won. You gain stat points each time you level, depending on your intelligence, up to 15 points (for 100 intelligence).

For the most part, I left this alone and let it accrue naturally around the campsite, other than for Jacob and Yuri. Discussion impacts the the effectiveness of talking (which decreases depression). If they’re depressed, they are more likely to have negative interactions with others. Good relationships is needed for effecitve talking. So, discussion impacts talking two-fold; they need at least a little or else it will be hard to manage their depression.

Constitution is important for everyone since it affects how well they rest.

Activities outside the camp are great for getting unlimited cures for your maladies (and even agility from playing with monkeys!), but you need stealth or else you’re more likely to get injured. I gave two of my characters lots of stealth (and later also the little girl since she has high IQ so lots of extra stat points) and let them benefit from that stuff, but I think there’s a lot of ways to play this.

Overall Strategy

Basically, I tried to research and get to the point where I could a) fish and b) cook as quickly as possible. I think this happened for me around Day 15, but that could be wrong. From there, my daily process was to have two people fish in the A.M. and one person cook in the P.M. I supplemented my food by exploring and harvesting.

Once I finished researching everything and crafting everything, I just cured the two fishermen of ALL states and left them fishing all day long. I had one person cook in the P.M. A bunch of stuff would spoil at night, but it still allowed for a healthy amount of extra food in reserve just in case. If there were ever more than 13 fish by the P.M. then I’d cook them and dry the extras.

Finishing the Game
Once you’ve explored all 100 squares of the island, the path to completing the game is pretty obvious and not a long ways off. You just have to finish a few quests and off you go.

Characters Killing Each Other
This wasn’t really a problem for me. I kept their maladies/states pretty low once I researched everything so I’m guessing if they’re depressed they’re more likely to do something crazy? I’m not sure what triggers this. I had my people working in all sorts of combinations and it wasn’t a problem. (Edit: Okay, after reading the comments it sounds like they kill each other based on somewhat more complicated conditions such as certain combinations having intense like or dislike, but other things as well)

Written by: jenn

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