ESEE 6 Knife Review

Today we're going to take a look at ESEE 6 fixed blade knife. Now, the ESEE 6 is ESEE Knives flagship knife because it is tremendously versatile and in this review, we're going to be more in-depth.

Materials Used

The ESEE 6 is made of 1095 steel which is a forgiving carbon steel option in every regard except in the corrosion resistance. For this reason, they are generally covered with coating that is as tough as what's we've seen on a knife blade.

It takes a good deal of effort from ESEE Knives because the majority of the blade remains protected against oxidation, a process where the metal reacts with oxygen and forms rust.

As for the edge of the brand engraving, you may consider putting a light oil on it and wiping it off before putting on its sheath.

The 1095 steel is nice because it has a great balance of toughness, hardness, edge retention, and easy being sharpened. Randall's Adventure heat treatment is one of the best out there for 1095 steel which will produce excellent performance.

ESEE 6 Design

The ESEE 6 has a good design balance. The blade style is full flat ground which means that there's no break in the front from the spine to the edge. It's just one continual and gradual approach to the edge which normally results in a very keen edge.

This knife came out of a package very sharp. The 5.75 inch blade strikes great balance between dexterity and length which adds greatly to versatility that we noted earlier. The overall blade length is 6.5 inches with 0.188 inch blade (very thin for its length but still strong).

Note: We personally prefer to use thinner blades as it adds to the versatility. It just lands itself well from anything like slicing and food preperation.

As far as the fit and finish is concerned, ESEE knives has done a great job for paying attention to the details. The durability of the coating is actually one really good example.

ESEE 6 ergonomics feels pretty good in hand out of the box. You can also buy after-market accessories to make it more comfortable to use.

Knife Warranty & Variation

esee 6 review

Their warranty is one of the best in the pocket knife business. If the knife breaks for any reason, they'll go ahead and send you a new one. That's how simple they roll.

We know some are reluctant to go out and buy a $100+ knife and we can see that their warranty is really aiding in the confidence of the people to use their tools and use their full potential.

The ESEE 6 comes in several variaties. First, you can get it in a clip point or partially serrated edge. You can also get a standard plain edge or you can also get a combination of all of that. As far as the colors are concerned, you can get a standard black, flat dark earth color (which actually looks very nice and kinda gives a bit of a refined look and feel to it), venom green (one with very bright orange handle probably marketed for those whose into zombie themed stuff)


The sheath is also made from the molded plastic but not that great with the design unlike ESEE 3. They included a jump thumb ramp to provide traction when ejecting the knife and it comes with a clip to fastened to your belt or pocket.


  • The ergonomics is good can fit even in medium sized hand. You can feel the knife is almost indestructible even in daily all-around tasks.
  • You won't be disappointed with the make and the design as it can go along with high-end knives.
  • Can use from gutting fish, battoning, and feather sticking fine wood without a problem. Great all-around knife.
  • check-circle
    Great warranty.


  • Their customer service might be not the best even they have awesome warranty.
  • In some cases, the knife handle may feel blocky and lacks a palm swell. Might be uncomfortable for some because of the difference in hand size.
  • The knife looks good but in contrast with the sheath, it feels like a plastic toy.

Wrapping it up

The ESEE 6 is one of the all time favorite. We can't help but emphasize the versatility which is a huge selling point for us.

This is just a knife that is large enough to handle larget tasks but nimble enough to handle almost everything like processing firewood or preparing dinner.

ESEE 6 is just a great all around choice. It's also a great night for deployment hiking, camping, or just a general utility knife.

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