Shirogorov Neon Knife Review

This is a review of Shirogorov Neon. With the blade length with just over three inches (maybe three and a quarter inces), it is the smallest Shirogorov knife. To those who don’t know, Shirogorov is a Russian knife company and it is not to get your hands in this knife.

Shirogorov Neon

The key features of Shirogorov Neon knife are:

  • Shirogorov Neon runs with s90V steel.
  • It has a titanium frame lock with a lock bar insert.
  • A flipper knife
  • Has a sculpted titanium pocket clip.
  • Probably one of the smoothest knife you can ever handle (considering the price though)

Shirogorov Neon Knife Grip, Blade, & Overall Design

The idea that there are grades of flipper knife is something that we totally agree with. There are certain times that Shirogorov Neon flip much better than others including other production knives out there.

The knife itself is very thin. We were shocked to see how thin it was compared to most most Shirogorov knives Shirogorov Neon handleout there. In fact, this is an elegant and slim knife by all account. There’s a subtle drop point to the blade shape which looks like an exposed roots hanging up.

The edge of the knife is sticky sharp with blade centering almost perfect (dead-on) and the tip of the knife fits perfectly when folded, giving you a really good blade to handle ratio.

The machining done on the handle is relatively smooth and subtle meaning there’s nothing crazy going on there. The reality is, this Neon knife is superbly made production knife and there’s almost nothing to critcize on it other than availability.


Shirogorov Neon knife is one hell of a knife. Everything is nicely done in terms of flipping action, design, appearance, and blade. There’s just nothing here to complain about and arguably one of the best pocket knife.

However, you need to understand that owning one would be hard. You can’t this knife easily mainly because of its manufacture location is in Russia and you will find most of the knife at $1000 price point. But if you got yourself, keep it and take care of this beastly knife.

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Shirogorov Neon
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